This is not an April fools joke!

Today is finally the day we’re releasing Wilderness Dice: Bring Your Own Dice edition. This set has taken us a whole lot longer to get completed than we expected, but it’s here now, and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve updated our games pages here so you can see all 36 card designs across the six sets.

All the sets are ‘in-stock’ and available online at Jakrew Games store. Wilderness Dice will also be available at Treasures Naperville. Stop in and chat with the owner, Mike, and check out a copy of Wilderness Dice!

Wilderness Dice: Bring Your Own Dice Edition

Wilderness Dice: BYOD – Exotic Expansion

Wilderness Dice: BYOD – Ancient Expansion

Wilderness Dice: BYOD – Domestic Expansion

Wilderness Dice: BYOD – Extra Dice