Welcome to 2022

By Staff on January 2nd, 2022
2+ players | 30 minutes | Ages 6+
2 - 4 players | 30 minutes | Ages 9+
2 - 6 players | 20 - 30 minutes | Ages 6+

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Welcome to 2022

We’re excited for a new year here at Andak Media.

At the close of 2022, we officially rebranded as Andak Media to help encompass all of our community building aspects that we’ve undertaken. This includes not only our new game releases but the Jackalope Ranch as well. We’re working hard to build a community of creators, and build it into a community. If you’re a creator and on Discord, be sure to check out the Jackalope Ranch.

New Game Announcements

We have three new games in development, ready to be launched in the first half of 2022 – including one that we hope to Kickstart. This first game, Summits, is ready to go and already in pre-production. We’ll be opening preorders this month, be sure to signup for our newsletter to stay up-to-date. Summit’s is a 34-card game based on selecting, picking, and swapping the mountains you have in-front of you with those in the deck. Through memory and luck, you will work to have the highest set of three peaks by the time the final round hits.

Keep a wary eye for Dinosaurs in our new roll-and-write game, Jurassic Dice. Jurassic Dice doesn’t follow the traditional roll-and-wrote convention of claiming dice, instead each roll is played out asymmetrically for the roller vs the other players. The roller is effected by a fate die and has the ability to change the other two dice that are being used by the other players.

Our largest game published to-date, is Light Racer. This game is based on a classic 80’s movie involving light racers. Light Racer at first seems like a simple game of cutting off your opponent, you need to watch out as every player has a powerful game hack that lets them break the rules … just once.

New Podcast Announcements

Staring in late 2021, we launched our first podcast, Rebooted. Rebooted is a comedy podcast of four film-majors, who never used their film degrees, diving into the trend of Hollywood movie reboots. Rebooted releases every-other Wednesday.

Launching in March; Peace, Love, Batman is a sibling podcast (with Batman fan guests) that dive into the themes and characters of Batman.

Launching just after Valentines Day on February 15th, SciFi Camp is a monthly excursion into Science Fiction. These episodes dive into the themes and tropes of SciFi and attempt to build a meaningful conversation.

We’re also working with Andak contributor and author, Rob Fike, to launch his podcast, “I freaking love that movie.” A fancast for the movies loved by Rob and his other 30’s-something guests. It’s a laugh-a-minute gush fest for films.

Discontinuations & Plan Changes

After spending a lot of time trying to rework and rebalance Beep! Boop! we’ve taken it out of development indefinitely. We may revisit it in the future, but at this point it will be taken off our site.

We’ve delayed our planned Kickstarter for Stellar Empire: Revolutions. We are still working on fulfilling Stellar Empire: Skirmish and we do not want to launch another campaign with one hanging open.