We are Andak Media

By Robert Fike on August 16th, 2022

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We are Andak Media


We started Andak Media because we love new ideas.

We love to create, and we love to support people who create. Our whole ethos has been built around a love for creatives in a community, sharing ideas and enjoying what amazing new things spring up from that nurturing environment. But what happens when that idea is snuffed out, when it fades out of existence?

We formed Andak as a way to nurture ideas, but we also realize that ideas alone aren’t enough to keep doors open. Our Patreon is another way for us to fund, garner support, and outline our roadmap for a future where Andak Media can build worlds, nurture creatives, and sustain a long creative future as a group.

That is partially why we’re writing this message. We believe in that dream. We think this idea – becoming a community for creatives – is not only sustainable, but is necessary for a beautiful, thriving future.

But we need your support for that to come true. Your support could mean the difference between a small hobby and a movement of creative genius. You have ideas too. You have stories. You have an art all about yourself that we want to encourage.

Tell us what you want to do. Tell us where you want to go. Join our Patreon. Offer some support. And we’ll get there. Together.

Andrew, Jake, & Rob

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