Calling all Science Fiction writers!

We’re putting together an anthology based on each trope we’re covering in season one of SciFi Camp. We’ve secured an editor and half a dozen writers to each take on a trope. Now we’re looking for you!

Our anthology, tentatively titled ‘A Sojourn through Aubrey Finch’s Multiverse’, will be published in time for the holiday season, 2022. We’re looking for submissions to be short stories (5,000 – 7,500 words), and completed for review by our editor in August. Please make sure these requirements are achievable before submitting a treatment.

Our anthology is based around a central protagonist, Aubrey Finch, who must be the main character in each story. Having Aubrey as the protagonist and telling a story involving your trope are really the only requirements*.

Does the story have to include Leighton Cain?

No. You may also include as many other friends and sidekicks as your story requires. We only ask that you’d consider using the name Leighton Cain as your primary sidekick – but a consideration is not a requirement. Our hope is that it provides an extra little ‘Easter egg’ or connection between multiverse stories, but it is explicitly not required.

What are the tropes that the story can be about?

We’re limiting each trope to a single author, and we’ve locked in about half of the available tropes. The ones still available are listed in the drop-down in the signup form. We will keep that updated as we lock-in authors for each trope.

Since this anthology is a companion piece for our SciFi Camp podcast, we are using their Season One tropes.

Who owns the stories and the character of Aubrey Finch?

Once you’ve agreed to write for the Anthology, your story will become the sole property of Andak Media. In a legal parlance, we are commission this story from you. We reserve the rights to license it for any additional works including (but not limited to) comics, television shows, movies, etc.

However, we’ve also written into the contracts the rights for the authors to maintain any fair-use of their story and version of Aubrey Finch they’ve developed. This includes associated works outside of the anthology. We only ask that authors would link back to the anthology, just as we will link back to author profiles and additional works whenever using their stories in media.

The character, the name, and the concept of Aubrey Finch are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Meaning that we only ask for attribution in any stories about Aubrey Finch.

Will I get paid for doing this?

Yes! As mentioned, this is a commissioned piece, so each author will be given a contract for their story that will stipulate their percentage of book profits. This percentage will be paid quarterly for three years.  We are setting aside 70% of the profits to be split amongst the authors (excluding any sections written by Andak staff) and the remaining 30% will be used to help grow Andak and pay taxes and fees. Authors are guaranteed a payment of $0.0267 per word. The difference between total quarterly payments and the guaranteed payment will be made at the end of three years.

Authors may elect to receive a single payment upfront as stipulated in the contract, up-to applicable limits at $0.0267 per word.

*Other Story Restrictions: Stories may not take place in any existing intellectual property. We cannot afford to license IP for stories. Aubrey may not engage in pedophilic acts, thoughts, or conversation. They may also not engage in rape, rape fantasy, or similar forced sexual acts. Vulgarity is permitted, however, derogatory words/phrases/descriptions for gender, race, sexual orientation, or religious viewpoints are prohibited.

SciFi Camp Anthology

A Sojourn through Aubrey Finch’s Multiverse