5 in stock (can be backordered)

5 in stock (can be backordered)

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4.27 × 2.66 × 0.75 in

1x Mission Card & Rules, 48x crew cards, 4x color sided dice


First Edition


Oct 8th, 2021

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Ready to teleport, Captain!

Based on the old Sci-fi serials, Landing Party sets players against each other in a push-your-luck rolling and matching game. Each turn you will roll dice and play crew members of the corresponding colored department. If you cannot, your crew is forced to abandon their mission and return to the ship – or you can return on your own claiming the prestige you earned on your mission.

As you proceed as a party down the threat track, the assignments get harder, requiring you to roll more dice. Playing the proper color crew allow you to proceed and get a chance at further glory.

Planning your time to leave

When you’re the active player (rolling the dice), you will not have an opportunity to teleport away. So sometimes, if your hand is getting low on crewmen, it might be worthwhile to teleport away and take as many prestige points as you can before its your turn and you’re stuck doing a mission you cannot.

Having a diverse crew is important

Each department handles a different operation on the ship, and they’ve color-coordinated their attire to help you identify them. When a challenge die is rolled, you will be able to identify what department is needed to accomplish that threat.

There is a blank spot on the die, and three senior officers able to complete any task (wild cards).

Inspired by Greatness

Landing party is inspired by the delightful, Cloud 9. We absolutely adore that game, and we recommend anyone who enjoys Landing Party to pick up a copy of Cloud 9 as well. We always wanted Cloud 9 to be more compact and play a little quicker, which led to the development of Landing Party.

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