Monster Bash, Second Edition!

By Staff on January 21st, 2022
2 - 4 players | 15 - 30 minutes | Ages 6+

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Monster Bash, Second Edition!

We’re excited to announce a new version of Monster Bash! Released for Halloween back in 2019, Monster Bash is geared towards kids learning basic arithmetic – but is fun for adults as well.

Monster Bash has been our second most popular release, behind Art Major, and we’re excited to be revisiting this classic. Featuring artwork by Robert Fike, this relaunched Monster Bash comes out just a head of our other collaboration with Rob, Jurassic Dice.

So, what’s changing?

Most boringly, but perhaps most importantly, we’ve updated the rules to provide additional clarity based on questions and feedback we’ve received.

We’re rebalancing the game by introducing more negative numbers to allow players more options to use multiple cards to make their required number. We’ve also worked to clarify the rules a bit where we’ve seen questions pop-up over the last two years.

We’ve also removed the multiplication card. While doubling isn’t hard math, it did require a card to be removed for a number of our players who were only doing addition and subtraction. Additionally, without a parenthesis card, sometimes it wasn’t clear what value would be/should be multiplied. We’d left it up to the players to decide in our official FAQ, however, as we were adding more negative numbers it ultimately made more sense to simply remove that operator. Don’t be surprised if we release a small 18-card expansion that adds multiplication and division back into the game!

As depicted above, the 2 value ‘Zombies!’ card now includes an alt value of -1. ‘Count Dracula’ has been given a value, allowing for more options to play, same is true for ‘The Blob’ and ‘Dr. Jekyll & My. Hyde’. We opted to move ‘Van Helsing’ to a -1/-3 card since we added a number of -2 cards to the deck.

Most notably, a new Monster!

The second edition brings a new monster into play, with a new mysterious ability. The Loch Ness Monster ‘Nessie’ has a wildcard value. Nessie cannot have any cards added to it (aka let you win in one move), but can help get you outta a jam – or fire home that victory as your very last card. You do not want to miss this release!

Coming mid-February

The updated cards are at the printer, and the boxes are on order. We expect to have everything in hand for a mid-February release date. We are currently ‘Out-of-Stock’ on Monster Bash online, so be sure to Join our Mailing List for updates on availability!