It’s time to Party!

By Staff on October 8th, 2021
2 - 4 players | 30 minutes | Ages 8+

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It’s time to Party!

After far too long, Landing Party is finally landing!

We are officially putting Landing Party on sale, starting today, October 8th. This push-your-luck game is a wonderful quick entry game for players with enough tension to keep players guessing, but a very low barrier to entry to help encourage people to give it a try.

Landing Party took a lot of inspiration from a lot of places. The core-mechanics, the artwork, even the alien concepts are all a culmination and a blending of a number of our fandoms all wrapped up into one compact package.


The art is inspired by the amazing artwork of Adam Reed and Mike Thompson. There is no direct connection/agreement between us and them, and we’ve been careful not to use their artwork directly. We just love the style, and really thought it captured a look that played well with the bright colors of the cards themselves.

We also want to recognize Michael Rubin, for Missions of the Reliant. We’ve based much of the aliens on those he designed for his shareware game back in the 90’s. We played hours of Missions of the Reliant, and it only felt fitting to draw inspiration from that.

A special thanks also goes out to Cloud 9, the core push-your-luck mechanic is based on their roll-and-pass design. After being introduced to Cloud 9, it really helped us fill the gap on what was missing in our mechanics and we appreciate the inspiration.

Purchase Now: $11.99