Wilderness Dice is Back!

By Jake Martens on January 15th, 2021
Wilderness Dice is Back!

We are very excited to announce that Wilderness Dice is coming back! It’s been out of print for over a year and we’re very excited to be getting copies back in.

This will be a new edition of Wilderness Dice. We’re calling it the “Bring Your Own Dice” Edition. This version shares all the classic gameplay of Wilderness Dice, but comes without the 12x 6-sided dice. Being the most common type of dice, it’s our hope that players will be able to go into their collection and snag some dice to play with. Players who are concerned about having enough dice on hand, we are also releasing a 12-pack of dice along-side the new release.

Due to changes with our printer, we were unable to keep the custom box we used for Wilderness Dice, Defcon Dice, and Art Major. This lead us to the BYOD design, and actually allows us to drop the price of the game. We’re excited to announce the the BYOD edition of Wilderness Dice retails for only $6.49 and the Extra Dice pack is $4.99. So if you’re picking up Wilderness Dice today, it’s actually cheaper to get the cards AND dice than it used to be!

We’re also excited to announce today that we will be re-releasing Outback and Safari expansions as well as three all new expansions. The new expansions are Cryptid, Jurassic, and Farm!

In an effort to help our super-fans hold all the current (and future) expansions plus dice, we’re also announcing the Wilderness Dice Deck Box! Slated to retail for $19.95 this sturdy storage solution comes with exclusive dividers and promo cards.

Wilderness Dice will be available online and through our retailers starting January 30th!

M15426009-1 – Wilderness Dice (Available Jan 30th, 2021) – $6.49
M15426010-3 – Wilderness Dice: Outback Expansion (Available February 2021) – $4.99
M15426010-4 – Wilderness Dice: Safari Expansion (Available February 2021) – $4.99
M15426010-5 – Wilderness Dice: Cryptid Expansion (Available February 2021) – $4.99
M15426010-6 – Wilderness Dice: Jurassic Expansion (Available February 2021) – $4.99
M15426010-7 – Wilderness Dice: Farm Expansion (Available February 2021) – $4.99
M15426020-1 – Wilderness Dice: Extra Dice (Available Jan 30th, 2021) – $4.99
M15426020-2 –  Wilderness Dice: Deck Box + Promos (Available March 2021) – $19.99

Please contact us for retailer pricing and box counts.

Button Man Gaming is now Andak Printing

By Staff on July 1st, 2020
Button Man Gaming is now Andak Printing

With the sale of Button Man Printing to The Responsive Mailroom in 2018, Button Man Gaming’s publishing was put on hold to fully execute the transition. At that time, Button Man Games was reorganized into Jakrew Games and Button Man Gaming was reformed as Andak Printing.

Andak has taken over all responsibilities of publishing the existing catalog; Art Major, Defcon Dice, and Wilderness Dice. All three of these titles are currently ‘out-of-print’ and we will be working on another print run shortly for these games. Andak will not be re-publishing Defcon Dice: Mutually Assured Destruction (some cards remain, which we may ‘short-run’ a box for). For a three or four player version of the Mayfifteenth’s dice games, we recommend the Wilderness Dice Outback and Wilderness Dice Safari expansion packs currently available directly from Mayfifteenth via The Game Crafter.

We are excited to be bringing Mayfifteenth’s independently published Monster Bash to market immediately. Over the last couple months Andak has been working with Mayfifteenth to publish their remaining lineup that was originally slated for Button Man Gaming. Currently in the final play testing phase are; Beep! Boop!, Landing Party, and Light Racer.

Look for announcements concerning these games and our first Kickstarter coming in the next few months.