With the sale of Button Man Printing to The Responsive Mailroom in 2018, Button Man Gaming’s publishing was put on hold to fully execute the transition. At that time, Button Man Games was reorganized into Jakrew Games and Button Man Gaming was reformed as Andak Printing.

Andak has taken over all responsibilities of publishing the existing catalog; Art Major, Defcon Dice, and Wilderness Dice. All three of these titles are currently ‘out-of-print’ and we will be working on another print run shortly for these games. Andak will not be re-publishing Defcon Dice: Mutually Assured Destruction (some cards remain, which we may ‘short-run’ a box for). For a three or four player version of the Mayfifteenth’s dice games, we recommend the Wilderness Dice Outback and Wilderness Dice Safari expansion packs currently available directly from Mayfifteenth via The Game Crafter.

We are excited to be bringing Mayfifteenth’s independently published Monster Bash to market immediately. Over the last couple months Andak has been working with Mayfifteenth to publish their remaining lineup that was originally slated for Button Man Gaming. Currently in the final play testing phase are; Beep! Boop!, Landing Party, and Light Racer.

Look for announcements concerning these games and our first Kickstarter coming in the next few months.