Wilderness Dice – Extra Dice






Released April 1, 2021 1.5 x 1.75 x 0.5 in
Product Code: M15426020 UPC Code: 759321849439


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  • 12 colorful six-sided dice

Expands Wilderness Dice – Bring Your Own Dice Edition

While we designed the new Wilderness Dice to come with just the cards required to play, we understand that not everyone has 12 six-sided dice laying around. We also know that it’s not always convenient to raid your other boardgames when looking for dice. To that end, we’ve introduced a set of 12 six-sided dice that are the perfect companion for Wilderness Dice. Keep your dice in a tin, or throw them in your backpack or purse – no matter where you store your Extra Dice, you’ll have everything you need to play Wilderness Dice!