Wilderness Dice: BYOD – Ancient Expansion






Released April 1, 2021 2.35 x 3.6 x 0.91 in
Product Code: M15426010-4 UPC Code: 759321849323
Version: First


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  • 18 Dinosaur Cards
  • 18 Cryptid Cards
  • Requires six-sided dice

Expands Wilderness Dice – Bring Your Own Dice Edition

Expand Wilderness Dice with this standalone-expansion that adds up to two additional players, or play Wilderness Dice using any combination of animal decks. The key to expanding Wilderness Dice is making sure to include the proper number of dice. For the first two players, add 12 dice. Each additional player should add 3 dice to the total. Players will still only complete three rounds of dice rolls. This does mean that more players will have leftover cards at the end of each round.

The Ancient expansion includes both Dinosaurs and Cryptids. Naming the set was difficult, and ultimately is named in honor of the two animals being vastly older than any other animal in Wilderness Dice (if cryptids actually existed, they’d surely be old). We hope that players choose these decks because they are fans of dinosaurs or the legendary beasts.