Stellar Empire: Skirmish






Released 2.6 x 3.6 x 0.65 in
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Version: First Edition



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  • 12 Neupert Prefecture Ships
  • 12 Wami Empire Ships
  • 12 Border Worlds

Stellar Empire is a 15 minute 2 player strategic card game, requiring critical thinking and clever bluffing.

You take the role of a fleet admiral, and your goal is to capture as many planets along your stellar border as you can with the expedition fleet at your disposal. Some planets along the border are more ideal than others, but even a barren rock can be mined for resources.

Welcome Fleet Admiral

You will lead either the Royal Expedition Force of the Wami Kingdom, or the 3rd Fleet of the Neupert Prefecture.

Each turn, the opposing fleets engage over one of the contested planets, and players select a vessel to engage. As the more powerful ship prevails, the system will join the victors stellar empire.

If the ships fight to a draw, as they skulk away to lick their wounds, the following battles become more important, as the victor of the next battle will be able to lay claim to each system where combat was unresolved.

Once both players have exhausted their entire fleet, cooler heads will prevail and an armistice will be signed.

While both stellar empires may have made territorial claims, only the empire with the more worthwhile conquest can justify the skirmish and be called the victor!

Unlocked Bonus!

The Kickstarter successfully unlocked the Mercenaries expansion, so all games now include Mercenary and Corporation cards. This addition necessitated a larger box, which also opened up room for the First Contact expansion (sold separate).