Jurassic Dice






In Development 4.27 x 2.66 x 0.75 in
Product Code: A426527012 UPC Code: 759321849699
Version: First

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  • 4 Dice
  • 2 Park Pads

A roll through the Park

We’ve all wanted to build our own dinosaur park, and now you’re able to … on the go!

Jurassic Dice is a classic roll-and-write game for two or more players, where the dice rolled don’t get directly claimed by players. Each player has a chance to select which of the dice they want to use and where they want to use it in their park.

But be careful, when its your turn, the fate dice effects only you – and that nasty typhoon brewing off-shore or those sneaky corporate spies might just get you!

Featuring the artwork by returning artist Robert Fike, Jurassic Park is a fun roll-and-write game geared towards kids.