Art Major (Special Anniversary Edition)






Released May 15, 2020 5.6 x 3.6 x 1.45
Product Code: M15426003-X UPC Code: PROMO
Version: Special Anniversary

  • 36 Paint Cards
  • 18 Painting Cards

Expands Art Major

Celebrating 10 years of Mayfifteenth

As a special promotional for the 10th anniversary of Mayfifteenth, our primary game designer duo. We’re excited they’ve reached their 10 year anniversary and have worked with them to produce a Special Anniversary Edition of Art Major.

This edition includes all of the paintings from our original release, along side an improved paint card — making the paint card easier to understand. We’ve also included paint names on the painting cards to assist in color-blind identification.

This set is ‘Not for Sale’ and only available through our FLGS, Jakrew Games¬†as a promotional item. We’ve made the Special Anniversary Edition available through the print-on-demand provider, The Game Crafter.