Art Major

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Released August 15, 2018
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Art Major is a competitive card game based around matching the paint cards in your hand with the required paint cards for your next masterpiece.

Acquiring paint is a slow process, trickling in at a rate of one paint a turn. You need to either trade for the paint you need … or sell one of your masterpieces. Each painting can be sold for paint, rather than kept for victory points.

Additionally, the more paintings you can get in a gallery, the more prestige you receive. The first player to collect ten points is recognized as the master painter.

Art Major has a nice blend of strategy, bluffing, and trading. Players are encouraged to trade anything they want, and with only two simple moves, the game can really begin moving at a quick pace.

One interesting piece of Art Major is that paint only comes in primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow), but most paintings require secondary colors (Orange, Green, Purple) to be complete. This means players must “mix” paints, and use extra cards to paint their masterpiece.

Art Major A competitive color matching game you don’t have to be an art major to play

Please Note: We are looking at doing a Kickstarter for our reprint of Art Major! We’d like to do a full print-run this time around and have the option to redo the included paintings with submissions from backers. Look for our Kickstarter in early 2021!