Art Major is Returning!

By Jake Martens on June 21st, 2021
2 - 4 players | 30 minutes | Ages 6+
2 - 4 players | 30 minutes | Ages 6+

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Art Major is Returning!

Art Major is coming back, in a big way! We are very excited to announce the release of Art Major’s third edition.

Art Major has been our most popular game to date, and has been our most requested game to get back in stock. Today we’re excited to announce that not only is it coming back in stock, but it’s gotten an entire visual refresh. Monster Bash artist, Robert Fike, is teaming up with Art Major’s original artist to release 12 brand new paintings in this complete visual refresh. We’re excited for this release, and we’re planning to have these available starting July 25th, 2021.

A couple new rules…

With the release of the third edition we’ve gone back and clarified some rules that players questioned, we’ve also added a couple new rules to help smooth game play and create an even more exciting experience.

  • Art store: during setup, players will flip face-up paint cards equal to the number of players next to the pile of paint cards. This pile is the ‘paint store’ and players may take up to 2 ‘brushes’ (2 standard colors, or 1 premium color) of paint. If a player doesn’t like any of the paint available in the store they may draw a single card from the face-down pile of paint cards.
  • Selling a painting: when players opt to sell a painting, they no longer take cards from the face-down paint cards. Instead, when a player ‘sells’ a painting they take 1 random paint card from every other player. This provides a new offensive move, however it cost is rather steep.
  • Hand limit: there is now a seven card hand limit.
  • Alternate victory conditions: players may decide at the start of the game to rather than play to 10 points, play until all the paintings have been claimed. To determine the winner, players will add up all of their reputation from the painting cards, add gallery bonuses, and add 1 point for every 2 ‘brushes’ in their hand.