Printing Services

Andak was built on the foundation laid by Button Man. We still maintain relationships with those printers and are able to offer a number of printing services in addition to board game publishing. Please feel free to contact us for more information on any of the following printing services;

• Paper, Cardstock, Poster, Booklet Printing
• Large Format Printing
• Banners
• Yard Signs


Uncompromisingly local, like us, Andak was born and raised in the midwest. We understand our community, we understand small business, and we understand what personal service really means.

The owners of Andak ran a successful Friendly Local Game Store, Jakrew Games, in St. Charles, Ill. and Warrenville, Ill. until the COVID-19 pandemic required us to temporarily close our doors.

We spent many years before Jakrew (and even while we had Jakrew open) designing, developing, and play testing games. Our weekly Friday night game nights were a popular place to test out game concepts and refine them into real product offerings. Though the COVID-19 pandemic made some of that more difficult, we’ve continued to grow Andak and are working with more game designers now to continue to publish our small line of boardgames.